What is the difference between METALFIX and METALFIX 1000?

METALFIX has been designed to be applied directly over rusted steel — it has a low pH which phosphates all rust into corrosion-resistant phosphated steel and simultaneously forms a tough abrasion-resistant skin. METALFIX 1000 was designed to be applied over NON-RUSTED surfaces (new steelwork, wood, plastic, alloys, etc.) to give the same protection against corrosion.

What types of rust can be treated with METALFIX and what preparation is required?

METALFIX can be used over any type of rust, no matter where it is found — generally the worse the rust, the better the coating will function. For preparation, remove any oil, grease, or diesel etc., with undiluted FLOORPREP, rinse with fresh water and allow to dry. Wire-brush the rusted surface to remove any loose flakes and chip away any thick scale. Wash down with fresh water and allow to dry, then apply one thick coat of METALFIX over the rusted areas. Do not dilute the paint with water.

How can I treat previously-painted steel surfaces where rust is beginning to show through in patches, but parts of the surface paint is still intact?

Brush over the whole surface using either a steel wire brush or fairly coarse sandpaper — this will remove any scale, loose flakes of rust and flaking paint, and will also confirm that any remaining paint is in fact firmly in place. Do not remove all the rust – leave the layer attached to the steel (METALFIX adheres to this layer). If the surface has been contaminated (with sea water etc.) wash it down with fresh water and allow to dry. Stir the METALFIX thoroughly until smooth (do NOT add water to the paint) and brush (or spray/roller) the paint over the patches of rust, allowing an overlap of approx 25 mm over the adjoining paint work.

Allow to cure. Ideally apply a coat of METALFIX 1000 (designed for use on non-rusted surfaces) over the entire surface after the METALFIX has dried. Once dry, this surface may then be top-coated with KINGCOAT or MAXICOAT as required.

If I don’t use all of the METALFIX at once, can I store it for use at a later date?

Yes. Provided that the lid is firmly re-sealed and the container is stored away from direct sunlight  METALFIX will keep for many years. Even if the product looks very solid on standing it can still be reconstituted. The best approach for using stored METALFIX is to slice the paint into chunks and mix it using a mixing paddle attached to an electric drill. Avoid adding water, although in extreme cases water may be added sparingly (no more than 2 – 3% by weight).

Can I use any type of top coat over METALFIX?

Yes. So far we have not come across any paint that will not go over the METALFIX primer. As a general rule of thumb, acrylics or water-based top coats can be applied 12 hours after METALFIX application. Single pack oil-based top coats may be applied after 12 – 24 hours, and aggressive two pack oil-based top coats can be applied after 24 – 48 hours. It is strongly recommended to use either PHOENIX KINGCOAT or MAXICOAT for the best results.

What are the over-coating times for METALFIX, and how can I tell if the product has cured properly?

The curing times, and hence the over-coating times, for METALFIX vary according to the prevailing temperature and relative humidity – the higher the temperature, the quicker the coating cures, but as the humidity rises, the product takes longer to cure. Under normal circumstances you can apply an overcoat after 4 to 8 hours, but it is best to confirm that the coating has cured by cutting two intersecting lines into the coating right down to the metal surface using a stanley knife. Apply a clean strip of masking tape over the cross and slowly pull the tape away. If the paint is not lifted up at all, the coating has cured. As a general rule, try to avoid applying METALFIX onto hot surfaces, e.g. in the full heat of a hot summer day, as this will cause the paint to force-dry before the rust converting process is completed. A simpler test is to press your thumb nail into the paint film – if you can dent or crease the paint, it has not reached the full cure.

Are METALFIX products made in Australia?

Yes. The METALFIX range is made to our own formulation at our factory in O’Connor, Western Australia. Phoenix Paints is a completely Western Australian-owned and operated company.