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FLOORPREP is a Water-Based cleaning preparation which assists in removing oil, grease and other stains from concrete surfaces and areas such as driveways, patios, garage floors and other inert substrates. It is also a useful pre-treatment for cleaning many other surfaces such as steel, rusty metal, aluminium, etc., prior to painting.

When using FLOORPREP as a degreaser, it is important that it is used in its neat (i.e, undiluted) state, and that the product is completely rinsed away from the surface after the degreasing operation has been completed. The latter precaution is essential to ensure that the FLOORPREP is not allowed to dry on the surface to be painted, which could otherwise risk it dissolving into the subsequent paint film, causing possible damage to the protective properties.

For General Cleaning – dilute FLOORPREP 1:10 with water in a spray gun and spray onto the dirty surface and wipe clean. Alternatively, the cleaning mixture can simply be poured onto the surface and scrubbed to enhance the cleaning action. On glass or windows, use the rate of 1:100, spray on, wipe or squeegee off then polish with a clean soft cloth.

For a Pre-Wash or Spotting Spray – Dilute FLOORPREP 1:4 with water and apply to collars, cuffs and stains, wash in the usual way. FLOORPREP may also be used as a pre-wash soak and is also suitable for use in high pressure wash units, foam guns, for carpet spotting and automotive detailing including engine degreasing and motor car bodies. 

Special Features:

  • Water based (no toxic, flammable or carcinogenic solvents).
  • Non caustic (many industrial cleaners are little more than solutions of sodium hydroxide – NaOH – which are extremely aggressive chemically and can attack surfaces such as aluminium and zinc and cause considerable damage in the process. Those types of cleaner need to be neutralised prior to disposal).
  • Fully dilatable (for obvious spills the FLOORPREP may be used in its neat form, but for general purpose cleaning it can be diluted with an appropriate amount of water).
  • Non staining (many competitive cleaners actually change the colour of the surface during their cleaning action).
  • Biodegradable (the industrial cleaning components within the FLOORPREP formulation are aliphatic or straight chain in character which allows natural bacteria to quickly metabolise these chains once they have performed their work.
  • Highly efficient solubilization (when being used, for example, during oil spills, FLOORPREP quickly breaks down the contaminants into very small colloidal particles with an enormous specific surface area which again allows these to be quickly broken down by natural bacteria).
  • Non dangerous goods (the product can be stored in any general storage area).
  • Clean finish (many other cleaners often leave a residual tarnish or “oily tail” but the FLOORPREP merely cleans the surface completely and leaves nothing behind).
  • Multi use product (there is virtually no end of uses for FLOORPREP and it can be used as a general purpose floor cleaner, for cleaning engines, for general industrial cleaning, workshop floors, carpet spotting, and cleaning industrial equipment).


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Product Application

Typical oil spill on a driveway.

When being used as a heavy duty cleaner or degreaser, the FLOORPREP must be applied neat (i.e, undiluted) onto the affected area, and scrubbed vigorously. After a few minutes, hose off with fresh water. For severe stains, the process may need to be repeated.

The final result – a clean and oil-free surface

Typical metal surface contaminated with thin layer of industrial oil. Many surfaces are affected with a range of hydrophobic (or water-repellent) entities, including oil, grease, diesel, etc. It is essential that these be removed before painting, and especially so when using any water-based paint,, since if the surface rejects water as can be seen by the very evident surface tension effect in the photo, then it will also reject the paint.

The same plate was then wiped clean with automotive thinners, and then bought into contact with water. Sometimes, even cleaning the surface with thinners or a wax and grease remover does not go far enough, since the solvent will often dissolve the material from one area and simply re-deposit it elsewhere. In this case, the plate appears to have been cleaned, but when the surface is wetted with water, the water rejection is still very evident.

Similar oil contaminated plate scrubbed with FLOORPREP, then rinsed with water. For this plate, the grease was scrubbed with neat FLOORPREP and rinsed off with fresh water. The surface tension problem has disappeared, and the water is seen to be wetting the plate completely

Old front suspension unit ready for cleaning with FLOORPREP.

Even oily units like this can be scrubbed clean with FLOORPREP concentrate.
If you have any questions about this product please email us

Available Colours


Please note that we do stock additional colours so please contact us if you have any enquiries.