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FLOORGUARD SEALER is a Water-Based Floor Finish which is designed for mopping over a range of floor coatings to provide a high gloss and hard wearing surface. This general purpose product provides a “sacrificial” protective film over floor coatings such as Phoenix DIAMONDCOAT and Phoenix TUFFCOAT.

FLOORGUARD is based upon a multiple High Performance Polymer Emulsion system which offers impressive characteristics and makes the product very easy to use to rejuvenate wearing floor areas. Included in the formula is high performance synthetic wax emulsion which provides an excellent resistance to scuffing and offers a “black heel” mark resistance. The product gives off no noxious, flammable, or carcinogenic fumes, and only water is required for cleaning up.

Special Features:

  • Good wear resistance
  • Water Clean Up
  • No expensive and highly dangerous solvents
  • Forms a non-Toxic film
  • Easy to brush or mop on
  • Non-Flammable
  • Superior resistance to dirt
  • Gives off no fumes
  • Safe for enclosed spaces
  • Recoatability at any time
  • Excellent adhesion promotion
  • Fast development of hardness

The acrylic emulsions used in the PHOENIX FLOORGUARD are completely up-to-date products which embody no less than three separate self-levelling additives to ensure the highest possible finish is obtained.
This product has been designed for easy application over most polished or clear coated floor surfaces, and offers a particularly high gloss finish in conjunction with an excellent resistance to wear. It can also be used directly onto clean floors with a closed cell or non-porous surfaces, such as vinyl and lino floors.

The product assists in extending the life of the underlying floor surface by acting as a sacrificial or wear coat, and is easily applied over a clean floor surface using a SHURLINE PAINTER PAD (Rota Cota) or similar product.

If the coating shows signs of building up on the floor over a period of time, the old FLOORGUARD may be removed using an ammonia-rich floor cleanser, which will dissolve the old coating away back down to the PHOENIX DIAMONDCOAT or TUFFCOAT surface, which is chemically resistant to many chemicals, including dilute ammonia solutions .


For Commercial and Industrial environments, FLOORGUARD may also be machine-buffed (using a medium speed buffing machine) for enhanced maintenance, but its main use is for the simple “mop-on” procedure.

The coating is Water-Based and therefore enables all mops etc. to be cleaned up easily. The product gives off no offensive smells of fumes while being applied and is suitable for use in confined spaces.


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Product Application

FLOORGUARD on bar floor area.

FLOORGUARD on bar floor area.

FLOORGUARD on bar floor area.

FLOORGUARD on country supermarket floor.
If you have any questions about this product please email us

Available Colours


Please note that we do stock additional colours so please contact us if you have any enquiries.