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Maxicoat is a two Pack Water-Dispersed Top Coat which not only exhibits the physical and chemical strengths of epoxy, but has the safety and convenience of water as the solvent. The product is supplied in two packs: PART A is the resin base plus pigments etc, and PART B is the hardener for the coating. Maxicoat is designed for use both as a full gloss top coat and also as a high performance concrete coating for workshop floors and motor car showrooms, etc.

Maxicoat has a similar high hardness, gloss level, and chemical resistance as those of an oil-based epoxy, but is much safer and easier to handle. Immersion tests carried out at room temperature indicate no effect in dilute acids, alkalis, seawater, and solvents (See below for further information).
Phoenix Paints manufactures several different versions of the Maxicoat 2 pack epoxy, including Maxicoat 100 (the highest performance version), Maxicoat 75 (slightly lower performance, with a lower cost), and Maxicoat 50 SPRAY (a spray version of the Maxicoat 100).
Since the product is water-based, it is easy and safe to use, and there are no hidden costs since no expensive, dangerous, explosive, or toxic solvents or thinners are required for clean-up – only water.
Special Features:

  • Gives off no fumes
  • Easy to spray, roll or brush
  • Goes over any clean dry surface
  • Gives smooth surface plus tough paint skin
  • Can be recoated at any time if required
  • Quick development of adhesion
  • Range of colours
  • Water Wash Up (no solvents)
  • Non-toxic in the dry state
  • Add glass beads, for non slip
  • Good dirt pick up resistance
  • Good resistance to hydrostatic pressure
  • No primer coat required



  • MAXICOAT 50 SPRAY – PART-A Safety Data Sheet
  • MAXICOAT 50 SPRAY – PART-B Safety Data Sheet
  • MAXICOAT 75 SPRAY – PART-A Safety Data Sheet
  • MAXICOAT 75 SPRAY – PART-B Safety Data Sheet
  • MAXICOAT 100 SPRAY – PART-A Safety Data Sheet
  • MAXICOAT 100 SPRAY – PART-B Safety Data Sheet
If you have any questions about this product please email us

Product Application

Rolled on MAXICOAT in an automotive showroom.

Light grey MAXICOAT provides protection at a road tanker loading facility.

Unusual application of black and white MAXICOAT in a retail sales area.

Royal blue MAXICOAT in an Auto repair and service centre.

Automatic car wash facility, cleaned with neat FLOORPREP, then sprayed with 2 coats of white gloss MAXICOAT.

Automotive showroom floor, painted with Light Grey MAXICOAT.

Large commercial showroom.

Section of a large truck spare parts centre.

Tourist Centre in Queensland rainforest

Interior of the Queensland Tourist Centre showing the MAXICOAT – painted floor.

MAXICOAT shown on the floor of an aircraft hangar

Aircraft hangar floor painted with MAXICOAT

A power station converter painted with MAXICOAT

MAXICOAT is a chemically resistant top coat suitable in industrial settings

MAXICOAT applied to a ventilation tube and supporting beams
If you have any questions about this product please email us

Available Colours

Aqua Blue
Blue Dolphin
Blue Wave
Dark Crimson
Eud Nile
Golden Yellow
Haulex Orange
Light Grey
Moss Green
Pillar Box Red
Royal Blue

Please note that we do stock additional colours so please contact us if you have any enquiries.