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WONDERCOAT is a Water-Based paving paint, particularly designed for painting onto concrete verandahs and patios, but which is also designed to be applied over many other surfaces, including walls, brickwork, (External or Internal) and even rooves – especially clay and concrete tiled. A particular feature of the WONDERCOAT is its high resistance to wear and abrasion, plus a reasonable resistance to hot motor car tyres which makes it ideal for application over carefully prepared driveways. Weathering tests on WONDERCOAT have shown the product to exhibit a remarkable resistance to dirt pick-up.

WONDERCOAT is made in a wide range of colours, and is especially formulated to provide a hard wearing and weather resistant finish. It cures into a non-toxic film and is excellent for many applications, including a wide variety of floors, garden paths, and patios. Other applications include shower surrounds, platforms, walkways, etc.

WONDERCOAT may also be used in Hospitals and Retirement Homes, etc. since no toxic or offensive fumes are emitted and the products are quick drying. The high molecular weight of the base polymer contributes to the strong pigment binding power of the coating, as well as providing an excellent toughness and durability, combined with a superior adhesion to fibreglass, concrete, wood, etc. The product gives off no fumes or objectionable smells and is pleasant and easy to use, even in confined spaces. All clean ups are carried out with water.
Special Features:

  • Wide range of colours
  • Superior resistance to dirt pick-up
  • Water Clean Up
  • Gives off no fumes
  • No expensive and highly dangerous solvents
  • Safe for enclosed spaces
  • Forms a non-Toxic film
  • Recoatability at any time
  • Easy to spray, brush, or roll
  • Excellent adhesion promotion
  •  Non-Flammable
  • Fast development of hardness
  • Good wear resistance
  • Fast development of water resistance


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Product Application

WONDERCOAT on walkways and driveway.

Terracotta WONDERCOAT on surrounding walkways.

WONDERCOAT on patio.

Terracotta WONDERCOAT on verandah.

Well-used verandah of a bed and breakfast hotel in Ferric Red WONDERCOAT.

Ferric Red WONDERCOAT on garage apron and driveway.

WONDERCOAT on exterior architectural columns.

Terracotta WONDERCOAT on a domestic roof.

Terracotta WONDERCOAT on a domestic path and front steps.

WONDERCOAT can also be used to produce innovative designs on floors and a couple of clean top coats of TUFFCOAT will protect the surface and make it easier to keep clean.

A drab-looking industrial wall has been brought to life with a mixture of different cultured WONDERCOAT paints, under the hands of a local artist. (Photos curtesy of the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board, Perth, WA)

More samples of WONDERCOAT

More samples of WONDERCOAT

More samples of WONDERCOAT
If you have any questions about this product please email us

Available Colours

Ferric Red
Forest Green
Light Grey
Light Terracotta
Mission Brown
Sky Blue

Please note that we do stock additional colours so please contact us if you have any enquiries.