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Kingcoat is a water-dispersed top coat which cures into a hard, high gloss film and offers excellent corrosion protection for a range of surfaces and applications.

The main feature of Kingcoat is that, although the coating is essentially a single pack, it behaves as a functional two pack paint, since the film cross-links itself via the diffusion of atmospheric oxygen into the paint film as it dries. This produces a very hard high performance film but without the inconvenience of having to add a separate catalyst. 

Kingcoat is water-based, easy and safe to use, and there are no hidden costs since no expensive, dangerous, explosive, or toxic solvents or thinners are required for clean-up – only water. Special Features:

  • Gives off no fumes
  • Easy to spray or brush
  • Exellent corrosion resistance
  • Not prone to chipping or cracking
  • Quick development of adhesion
  • Range of colours
  • No flash point
  • Water Wash Up (no solvents)
  • High gloss level
  • Non-toxic in the dry state
  • Good hot hardness
  • Single pack (no wasted mixes)
  • Good dirt pick up resistance
  • Recoatability at any time



  • Kingcoat – Safety Data Sheet
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Product Application

Steel factory frame in north west of W.A, primed with METALFIX 1000 and top coated with lime green KINGCOAT.

Converted coach/mobile home, primed with METALFIX 1000 and sprayed with KINGCOAT gloss white.

Forklift truck sprayed in pillar box red KINGCOAT, previously primed with METALFIX 1000.

Steel Waste Skip. Primed with METALFIX 1000 and top-coated with yellow gloss KINGCOAT.

View of chain locker box in ocean-going trawler, primed with METALFIX 1000 and top-coated with white gloss KINGCOAT.

Box trailer top-coated with light grey KINGCOAT.

The list of uses for the KINGCOAT high gloss enamels is virtually endless, from these resprayed 200 litre drums, to garden gates, wheelbarrows, and so on.

Steel yacht with cabin and superstructure primed wiith METALFIX 1000 followed by white gloss KINGCOA

Vessel shown painted with METALFIX 1000 and KINGCOAT, after 6 years in the ocean.

Storage silos at an Indonesian Sorbitol Factory. Primed with METALFIX 1000 and top coated with light grey METALFIX.

Indonesian deep water coal loader, primed with METALFIX 1000, and top-coated with moss green KINGCOAT.
If you have any questions about this product please email us

Available Colours

Aqua Blue
Blue Dolphin
Ferguson Grey
Ferric Red
Golden Yellow
Light Grey
Mid Green
Moss Green
Phoenix Yellow
Pillar Box Red
Plantation White
Royal Blue

Please note that we do stock additional colours so please contact us if you have any enquiries.