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METALFIX is a tough, fire-retardant primer designed for application directly over badly rusted surfaces. It converts the rust into a metal phosphate within the paint film and simultaneously forms a protective abrasion-resistant skin which tolerates temperatures from minus 40 degrees C upto approximately 1000 degrees C. The coating can be used in conjunction with glass fibre matting to repair non-structural rusted holes in surfaces including steel water tanks, gutters, roof panels, and the trays of utilities or pick-up trucks. METALFIX will take any type of topcoat.

COLOUR: Red and Black.

Special Features:

  • Gives off no fumes
  • Easy to spray or brush
  • Goes over rusted steel with minimum preparation
  • Gives stable surface plus tough paint skin
  • Can take any top coat, if required
  • Quick overcoating times.
  • Water Wash Up (no solvents)
  • No sandblasting required
  • Non-toxic in the dry state
  • Fire-retardant properties
  • Single pack (no wasted mixes)


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Product Application

How to use Metalfix: 1. Wire brush the surface to remove loose flakes and scales. Do not remove all the rust.

2. Wash down with fresh water to remove all the dust and contaminants, allow to dry.

3. Apply two coats of METALFIX (by brush, spray or roller). Wash equipment in water. Top coat if required when cured.

4. To see what happens to the rust, remove some of the METALFIX just before it dries.

Under a microscope the silver grey surface reveals the conversion of the rust into a stable metal phosphate. Secondary protection comes from the hard primer finish of the METALFIX as it dries.

Normally painted steel sheets are dangerous and messy to flame cut – the paint burns extensively and emits toxic fumes.

METALFIX does not burn during cutting and virtually no fumes are given off.

Exhaust system on seven large power plants in Borneo painted with METALFIX.

View of a small truck engine 18 months after application of one coat of METALFIX over rusty surfaces.

The rusted mud guards were repaired with fibre glass patches impregnated with METALFIX.

A rusted ute as good as new after the METALFIX treatment

Old ute, still on the coast, shown 10 years after being painted with METALFIX

Wheel rims of a large bus company painted with METALFIX.

Rusted gantry of an Indonesian Cocoa factory painted with METALFIX.

METALFIX may be used for a large number of applications including rusted beams, columns, windows and door lintels, etc. Enormous savings on sand blasting can be made by painting items with METALFIX, after which they can be transported to site and top coated later. Rusted roofs are a perfect example of a problem that METALFIX can solve. Any small holes are sealed by the paint, and the etching action of METALFIX means that it bonds onto galvanized surfaces with no problems.

1. Wire brush the surface to remove loose material and wash away any dirt and dust.

2. Cut a patch of glass matting large enough to overlap the holes.

3. Brush METALFIX onto both sides of the patch and also onto the surface itself.

4. Allow the paint to become tacky and smooth the patch into place. When dry apply a final coat of METALFIX and top coat later if required.

METALFIX being applied to a roof

Metalfix (IMG_1284 updated)

METALFIX used to treat specific rust areas

METALFIX applied to a badly rusted industrial machine
If you have any questions about this product please email us

Available Colours

Ferric Red
Light Grey

Please note that we do stock additional colours so please contact us if you have any enquiries.