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TIMBERSTAIN is a Water-Based stain which is so advanced that its transparency allows the natural grain and texture of the timber to be enhanced without being obscured by the stain, even after two coats. It is ideal for application over porous timber, especially white woods such as pine, etc.

The coating, which is non-bleeding, non-migratory, and has a superior performance than dyes, also provides the ability to filter out hostile Ultra Violet radiation, which can otherwise damage timber and alter its colour.

TIMBERSTAIN, when used either as a furniture wiping stain or as an exterior transparent stain, adds protection, beauty and warmth to the natural features of wood. The coating is excellent for many applications, including wooden floors, general furniture, fences, sheds, greenhouses, sun decks, lawn furniture, and timber claddings, etc.

TIMBERSTAIN is made in a range of weather resistant timber colours, including Jarrah, Teak, Rosewood, and Mahogany, and these may be further inter-blended to produce an even wider range of colours. The product gives off no fumes or objectionable smells and is pleasant and easy to use, even in confined spaces. The products are quick drying, and all clean ups are carried out with water. TIMBERSTAIN may also be top coated with PHOENIX DIAMONDCOAT a water-based modified urethane dispersion, which is a hard wearing clear finish (although theTIMBERSTAIN must always be slightly abraded first to provide a surface key).However, if two or more coats of the TIMBERSTAIN have been applied, then in most cases an additonal clear top coats is not necessary.

Special Features:

  • Supplied ready for use
  • Range of pleasing colours
  • Water Clean Up
  • Can inter-blend to extend range
  • Can be applied over many porous surfaces
  • Full transparency of colour
  • U. V. filtering action (protects the surface)
  • No solvent odours
  • Forms Non-Toxic films
  •  Non-Flammable
  • Re-coatability at any time
  • Can be clear top-coated if required
If you have any questions about this product please email us

Product Application

One Coat | Two Coats Rosewood

One Coat | Two Coats Teak

One Coat | Two Coats Mahogany

One Coat | Two Coats Jarrah

Old weathered hardwood park bench, bleached by the sun after many years exposure.

The same bench after three thin coats of Phoenix JARRAH TIMBERSTAIN.

Pine wine rack prior to staining.

Pine wine rack with two coats of JARRAH TIMBERSTAIN.

Weatherboard house 4 years after applying 2 coats of Mahogany Timberstain

Weatherboard house 6 years after applying 2 coars of Mahogany Timberstain
If you have any questions about this product please email us

Available Colours

Please note that we do stock additional colours so please contact us if you have any enquiries.